"Ratliff considers herself a storyteller at heart, and with Extraction she tells a quick and entertaining story that leaves you entertained enough that you wouldn't mind spending more time with these young ladies and their misadventures." -The Independent Critic

About 'Extraction'

'"Two girls attempt a little petty thievery. They thought they planned for everything, but breaking and entering isn't as easy as it seems. A silent comedy about an imperfect heist."

I conceived of the idea for Extraction in the fall of 2008 for a class project. The shoot was canceled during pre-production because of time constraints, but the idea of the two slacker thieves stuck with me. A filming date was set for the early months of 2010, but the entire shoot was canceled only the day before because of the arrival of Snowmageddon. But I couldn't let the project go, and in June of 2010 it finally came together again.

While no director likes to have a shoot canceled once, let alone twice, looking at the finished product proves that it was for the best. This cast and this crew pulled together a film that was even better than what I had imagined two years before when I first pictured these girls sneaking through a backyard.

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Awards and Nominations

Finalist: Waynesboro Short Film Festival, 2011
Screened: Rising Star 20 Independent Film Festival

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Cast and Crew

Abby Jones: Katie Foster
Jenny Noble: Maya Jackson
The Professor: Carol Olsen

Producer: Kevin Sampson
Cinematographer: Ken Ikeda
First Assistant Director: Jason Fraley
Grip: Colin Foster
Grip: Matt Genebach
Editor: Banu Debre
Animal Trainer: Rachel Berger
Craft Services: Cindi Weatherington and Rebecca Gow

Filming Locations

Great Falls, VA
Reston, VA

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Category: Film Work